Traveling With Lapwing

Our chief aim is to get you into the best bits of Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania as comfortably as possible. While there we try to maximise time in the field during the best parts of the day. When we are catering we like to get breakfast wrapped up early to give us the full morning for birding and exploring. We are able to bake delicious snacks even when camping, and these we generally bring out mid-morning as we are determined to silence any growling stomachs: lions often mistake this sound for a mating call, which can be complicated…

On your itinerary form, we ask that you give us all details as to medical and dietary requirements. Please also ensure that you have your relevant insurance up to date, and we advise you to send us your medical emergency contacts to keep on file.


Lapwing Safaris uses a very wide range of accommodations according to what you want, and where you want to go. We are even able to build camp in pristine bush where there are no permanent facilities. Generally, there are designated campsites and/or lodges and we are usually able to offer you three options according to your taste and budget:

The cheapest option: Lapwing carries tents, chairs, cooking and catering equipment and provides meals and drinks (tea, coffee, water, juice, no alcohol). We carry snacks, but if you have favourites that might be difficult to get, best to bring your own along. Sleeping arrangements are comfortable and include camp beds, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. Depending on the destination, we will either use designated camping sites with ablutions, or we will set up bush-toilets and showers. You are generally not required to set up your own tents and bedding, except on some trips where this will be specified beforehand.

Chalet Accomodations, with Catering by Lapwing
This gives us versatility in the places we can visit and entails a significant saving. Our innovative cooking gets very good reviews for being tasty and wholesome. An advantage of leaving the catering to us, particularly on longer trips, is that we get to know exactly the kinds of meals and ingredients you like best.

Full Service Lodges
All catering is done by the lodges, and the rate normally includes all activities at their provision. Lapwing provides specialty guiding and travel logistics


Most activities are arranged beforehand by Lapwing in communication with the destination lodges. However, we are very flexible and can add impromptu activities if you cover the extra cost.


Most of our travels are by road, which makes for a close-up cross-country experience, and saves you some money. On longer trips, when Lapwing is catering, we will stop at local markets to replenish our stocks, giving you a chance to meet, greet and haggle with the locals.

We can also use Air Charter, which is quicker but obviously more expensive and imposes some limitations on where we can go. Generally, Air Charter entails full-service bookings at the lodges, as it is not possible for Lapwing to carry food and camping equipment by plane.

Birding Safaris

Year-round birding safaris running from a ½ day to a month, and everything in between. We offer customised safaris throughout Zambia and into neighbouring countries and try our best to balance your budget and expectations. Longer safaris usually entail a mix of accommodation types.

There are also set-departure options, designed for groups of five and above, which go out at the optimal time of year and are competitively priced. Note if you can provide a group to fill the seats, we can be flexible on departure dates.

Our ever-popular one day and half-day trips can be arranged at relatively short notice. North of Lusaka, we find the endemic Zambian Barbet and a host of miombo woodland and wetland specials. To the south, Livingstone’s Flycatcher, Eastern Bearded Scrub-robin, Eastern Nicator and other lowland species. Time-allowing, we can also throw in a visit to the world-famous Kariba Dam.